Chickity China

Spent a week in China for work. Wasn’t able to do any proper strength training as the hotel gym was lacking barbells and only had dumbbells up to 50lbs. Still was able get some work in. I don’t know any specific amounts of reps and sets but what I did largely amounted to:

– Clean and presses up to 45lbs (for a couple reps). Tried 50 and was to unstable to successfully Press.
– Curls (Duh)
– Shrugs with 50lbs. Threw in some hip movement to get some extra reps
– Squats with dumbbells at the side
– Clean and presses, quickly, with a lower weight (20ish) for some conditioning
– Lat pulldowns (could almost do the whole stack)

Anyways, it was enough to leave with a pretty good pump. 

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